Jones Act And Maritime Law

If you were injured while working on a commercial vessel, you are likely eligible for benefits under the Jones Act. Eligible ships and vessels can include shuttles, crew boats, service boats, ferries, tugs and barges, cargo ships, freighters, dredges, riverboats, fishing boats, tankers, drilling rigs, and submersible and semi submersible platforms.

The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. provides representation to injured Louisiana maritime workers with Jones Act claims and third-party cases. We have experience with the Jones Act claims process and can protect your rights as we work to recover the benefits you need. If a negligent third party was involved in the accident, we can pursue a separate personal injury suit in addition to Jones Act benefits. For a free consultation with an Alexandria maritime law lawyer, please contact us online.

Know Your Rights: The Jones Act And Maintenance And Cure

Injured seamen may collect Jones Act compensation and benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You have three years to file a Jones Act claim, but it is best to file as soon as possible. The process is often lengthy and complex, typically requiring an attorney's assistance.

Maritime workers have the right to maintenance and cure if they fall ill or are injured on the job. Maintenance covers daily living expenses such as food, rent and utilities. Cure covers necessary medical costs and provides reimbursement for many out-of-pocket medical expenses. One critical aspect of cure is that it allows workers to see their own doctors rather than doctors chosen by their employer or its insurance carrier.

Repetitive stress and traumatic accidents may cause injuries to the arms, shoulders, hands and fingers, legs, feet, joints, back, neck and spine. In the most serious accidents, broken bones, crush injuries and amputations may occur. Other common injuries to seamen and maritime workers include brain injuries, paralysis, burns, drowning and illness due to toxic exposure. These injuries may result in temporary or permanent disability, scarring and disfigurement, or wrongful death.

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