Recovery After A Dog Bite Or Any Animal-Related Injury

A dog attack or other animal-related accident can leave a person with very serious injuries, such as:

  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Damaged nerves and tendons, possibly resulting in permanently lost function in an arm, hand, leg or foot
  • Scarring or disfigurement— facial or elsewhere on the body
  • In worst case scenarios, heavy bleeding and/or a fatal outcome

The moment of the bite, attack or accident is, of course, a moment of terror in many cases, triggering a medical crisis. Emergency medical treatment and follow-up care can be expensive and time-consuming. Time off work and time to heal are important parts of the story in many cases.

The worst consequences, however — assuming the victim survives — may be invisible ones: post-traumatic stress and potential psychological damage brought on by shunning from others who have difficulty looking at the wounds, scars or disabled hand or foot, for example. There is also a danger of infection and in the case of an unvaccinated dog or cat, even rabies.

Does It Matter Who You Are, When Calculating Your Losses?

Some people say that children and young women have the most to lose when scarring or disfigurement from a dog bite or mauling takes away their natural social advantages. Taunting by classmates or shunning by would-be dates, friends or employers can be emotionally painful and harmful to a normal maturation.

However, losses are very real to victims of any age or gender. An older person living alone may no longer feel able to do so without fear. A professional man or woman of any age may suddenly be at a disadvantage career-wise when scarring makes public speaking, presentations or customer interactions difficult.

Whoever you are and whatever damages you have experienced as a result of a dog bite or animal-related accident, you should consult with a skilled personal injury attorney — the sooner the better. A knowledgeable lawyer can gather and analyze all relevant evidence (such as doctors' reports) while preparing a compelling injury claim or lawsuit against individuals or organizations that may be liable to compensate you for your injuries and losses.

If you suffered injuries through any of the following circumstances in Louisiana, you have a ready advocate in The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C.:

  • A dog bite or mauling
  • A bicycle accident, pedestrian trip-and-fall accident, or car or motorcycle accident triggered by an encounter with a dog off its leash
  • A motor vehicle accident caused by escaped livestock, such as a cow on a highway
  • An attack or injury caused by an exotic animal kept by someone, such as a snake, monkey or parrot

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