Bedsores Are Nearly Always A Sign Of Neglect

Long-term care facilities often care for people who are unable to turn themselves in bed regularly. Someone who is sick, injured or disabled may spend much longer in bed than the usual eight hours a night. The sheer number of hours that his or her skin is under pressure can make the person vulnerable to decubitus ulcers, another term for bedsores. Improper medication, fragility of skin due to age or medical condition and potential contact with urine are all exacerbating factors that can lead to bedsores.

Common Negligence Factors At Each Stage Of Development Of Bedsores

Proper care and monitoring of someone whose well being is entrusted to a care facility goes a long way in preventing bedsores, in spite of the risk factors. Sometimes a bedsore begins to show up despite care givers' best efforts. In its early stages, a bedsore or pressure sore may manifest as a reddened portion of skin. Healing at this point can be promoted with vigilant, proper care. It is essential for nursing staff and their assistants to report such red spots and take action immediately to protect the skin from further deterioration and give it a chance to heal.

When bedsores are not prevented, are not reported and are not treated in their early stages, the next stage is likely to be an open wound — an even greater cause for alarm and special treatment. Staph infections and sepsis are potential disastrous outcomes. Besides pain and suffering, medical expenses will begin to increase at this point, and a painful death is a real possibility in many cases.

Experts say that bedsores — and deaths due to bedsores — do not happen naturally or by accident in care settings. Rather, failure to prevent, report or treat them is blatant negligence in a care facility such as a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehabilitation center or hospital.

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