Personal Injury: Frequently Asked Questions

You have come to the right place if you are looking for answers to questions about personal injury claims in Louisiana:

What are the most important things to do first, second and third after a car accident or any accidental injury?

First: Get emergency medical evaluation and treatment for yourself or your loved one. Life and health are the most important assets we have! It may also harm your injury claim if you do not get a doctor's assessment right away. Second: If you can, get contact information for eyewitnesses; get a police report; preserve evidence such as a photo of the scene of the accident and keep track of where your wrecked car goes, if relevant. Third: Cooperate with police and your insurance company, but do not offer them recorded or lengthy statements before talking to an attorney. Likewise, do not post detailed information about "how the accident happened" or specific details about the injuries on social media. We cannot emphasize these points enough. People often fail to realize how important it is to get legal advice before participating in questioning or making public statements about an accident and injuries.

Why should an injured person call an attorney before giving statements to the police or insurance companies?

This may be the first time you have been in this situation, but an attorney is involved in similar cases day in and day out. You may say something, do something or fail to say or do something that will harm your case, without realizing it. A knowledgeable plaintiff's attorney can keep you informed of your rights, and help you make decisions and statements in your own best interests.

How can I get medical treatment for my injuries if I don't have good insurance? What will happen if I don't see a doctor promptly?

Emergency rooms must stabilize you whether or not you can pay. After that, even if you do not have good health insurance, many doctors will treat you with the understanding that they will be paid at the conclusion of your injury case. Through communications with your attorney, a doctor may agree to perform surgery on you on a lien rather than billing you immediately. Ask your personal injury lawyer for advice on working with health care providers before you receive your full settlement or verdict.

What will it cost me to work with an attorney after an accidental injury?

Initial consultations are free. After that, you most likely will not need to worry about paying your attorney anything (except some expenses, in some cases) until the end of your case. Be sure to clarify your attorneys' fee arrangement from the beginning. Normally, lawyers' fees in accidental injury cases are a percentage of the total rather than hourly based. This way, you will not need to worry about taking too much of your attorney's time during the course of your claim or lawsuit. This type of payment arrangement has advantages for injured people as well as attorneys.

What are contingency fees in personal injury cases?

In most personal injury cases, the lawyer who represents you will put in many hours of work before you recover compensation from a negligent party or an insurer. If he or she helps you recover compensation, attorneys' fees will be a percentage of the total, but if you recover nothing, the lawyer will not charge you. That's why they are called contingency fees. You pay only if and when you recover compensation.

In a car accident case, does it make any difference if the other driver was drunk?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It may depend on where the accident happened. Laws differ from one geographical area to another. A detailed review of the facts by an attorney is especially critical in cases with special circumstances, such as a drunk driver at the wheel or when a driver at fault was transporting hazardous materials.

Who will listen to my own questions and give me straight answers after an accidental injury?

You may find answers to some of your questions on this website, but if you or a family member has been injured, it is easy and smart to get personalized answers directly from a lawyer. Douglas Bryan of The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. in Marksville gladly welcomes inquiries and questions. Jot down your own "personal injury FAQ" notes to bring to your free initial consultation. Then email us or call one of these numbers:

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