Child Support In Louisiana

Unlike child custody and alimony, which are determined on a case-by-case basis, child support is generally determined through a calculator provided by the state of Louisiana. The formula takes into account variables such as the following:

Calculating Income — Taking Into Account Special Circumstances

You should have an experienced family law attorney review your unique circumstances to help ensure that the child support you pay or receive is properly calculated. There may be questions about income when one or both parents is self-employed or has seasonally fluctuating income. You may also have a good reason to ask a family law court to deviate from the standard calculated amount: your child may have special needs — or you may cope with a disability that diminishes your ability to pay child support. Talk to Doug Bryan of The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. in Marksville for caring, thorough counsel as well as skilled representation in settlement negotiations, in mediation or at trial.


Perhaps your child support order has been in place for a year or more and now you have reason to petition the court for a change in the amount you pay or receive because of promotion or any significant increase or decrease in income of either or both parents.


What if your child's other parent has fallen way behind in child support payments? He or she may disagree with the amount and try to level things out without authorization from a family law judge. Consult with The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. to learn about different ways of enforcing payment. Lawyer Doug Bryan can address the other parent's failure to pay through methods most likely to get results.

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