Resolve Child Custody Issues In Your Children's Best Interests

Every family law court aims to determine child custody decrees "in the best interests of the child" or children. Naturally, parental involvement and input goes a long way toward preserving parental rights. Mothers and fathers who can demonstrate that they are active in their children's upbringing have a better chance of a good outcome in a child custody and visitation case.

Be Prepared To Demonstrate Your Involvement As A Parent

Protecting parent-child relationships is one of the most emotional and consequential aspects of a divorce or separation. It is natural for a parent to want as much time with children as possible, but family law courts place a high priority on preserving parental rights for both parents except in cases involving factors such as abuse, alcoholism or drug addiction and questions about children's safety when in the care of either parent.

In most cases, however, through negotiations and/or mediation, parents can arrive at workable plans for caring for their children collaboratively despite divorce or separation. You and your spouse know your family situation better than any lawyer or judge outside the family possibly can. For your own good as well as for your children's sake, work with an attorney who can help guide you toward a child custody arrangement that will promote strong family relationships.

Compromise And Cooperate In Good Faith For Your Children's Sake

As you and your child's other parent approach the legal issue of child custody and visitation (also called "parenting time" or "possession"), it is important to keep in mind that there is no perfect solution but there are caring ways to go about sharing in the raising of your children although you are in different households.

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