Will Your Divorce Be Contested Or Uncontested?

Divorce Is Never Anyone's First Choice

First of all, no one wants a divorce as the first choice in a life story. Our society tells us a divorce means "failure," a "broken home" and "a mess."

In fact, however, our laws have given us options for self-determination. Whereas divorce was very difficult to obtain in previous generations, today's laws allow practical solutions to many of life's quagmires, such as divorce in cases of irreconcilable differences. You no longer have to stand before a judge and tell him or her every bad thing your spouse ever did. Rather, you or your spouse can choose to move on with life when marital troubles have made life together a painful burden.

An intelligent, experienced divorce lawyer can help you complete the legal steps of your divorce efficiently and without acrimony.

Knowledgeable Legal Counsel Can Keep Your Divorce On Track And Your Future Clearly In Focus

Secondly, no one wants to spend money on legal fees unnecessarily. It is perfectly natural to seek a "do-it-yourself" method of dividing property and negotiating cooperative care of children with parents in two different households. You may believe your divorce is uncontested so you can follow directions and complete documents without a lawyer's help.

However, trying short cuts often gets you off on the wrong foot. You may make mistakes and end up with unnecessary complications that will take a lawyer more time to unravel than if you had worked with him or her from a clean slate. Proper legal advice can save money and trouble over time.

Settle Your Key Issues Such As Property Division And Alimony Sensibly

Even if you and your spouse have significantly different ideas about how to divide your assets, debts and parenting responsibilities, The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. can help you navigate the challenges of a contested divorce with practical objectives clearly in focus.

Have Faith In Yourself — And Choose A Lawyer Your Can Trust

A well-executed divorce can be an investment that can protect your future financial stability. You can keep or claim equitable portions of retirement accounts and other assets through careful disclosure, evaluation and negotiations over jointly held assets. Child custody and child support arrangements can be worked out with your children's best interests front and center, even when your husband or wife has a very different perspective on how to accomplish this. How? Consult with The Bryan Law Firm L.L.C. in Marksville for guidance and direction as you move toward dissolution of your marriage.

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